Katy Carlson


My name is Kathlyn Carlson, I have been an employee at Resonate Learning and Daycare Center for a year.  This August was a year since I have started my position as a daycare worker.  I have worked at several other child care facilities and non have come close to what I am doing here.

When I graduated High School in 2013, I worked for a daycare ran by Spectrum Hospital.  From there I pursued college, to become an early childhood teacher, however, that did not go as planned.  I then decided I wanted to do something to help others.  I began to work in the healthcare field.  That too did not go as planned, as I soon realized that the field was more physically and mentally demanding than I was ready for.  

A close friend of mine mentioned this Daycare to me.  I met and interviewed with Stephanie Montgomery, who would soon be my boss and friend.  This interview was not like any of my other recent interviews.  This interview, helped me to be where I am today.  It was down to earth, and helped me quickly realize that working with children is still helping people.

I enjoy what I do very much.  Yes there are days of strugglee, but watching all of these children pass milestones.  That is what makes it all worth it, with also the appreciation not only by co-workers and leaders, but by parents.  Just knowing we as a team are doing well means a lot.  I thank them so much for trusting us with their children.

On my free time outside of work, I enjoy writing and I would like to start blogging.  I have written chidden stories in the past.  They are funny and full of imagination.  Currently, I am also pursuing my CDA.

I love what I do, and this is the calling God has put on my heart.